Time – The latest innovation in food handling is this nine-year-old’s decision to hide cheese in a chapstick tube.

“My 9-year-old daughter has taken an old lip balm tube and filled it with cheese so she can eat it in class,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Valerie Schremp Hahn said on Twitter on Tuesday evening. The cheese was indeed sharp cheddar from Aldi, Schremp Hahn confirmed to TIME.

By Willy J – Remember in school when we would sneak our favorite snack into class with us? Some would simply keep it in a zip lock bag or some would straight up put it in their pockets…

You’d be waiting all day just to get a taste of your favorite snack. Maybe you were a gummy bear person or a cookie person. Me personally, I was always a pretzel guy. But everybody remembers the risk you took eating your snack during class. Getting called out in front of the class and more importantly getting your snack taken away.

Well this girl has found a way to get around all of that.

Cheese in chap stick? GENIUS! This 9 year old loves her cheese so much, she literally took out all the chap stick from the tube and replaced it with Cheddar cheese. I’m sure she is not the first person to do this, but she is the first to go viral for it.

Good luck to her classmates trying to mooch off her snack!

Sorry, a lot of Napoleon Dynamite gifs, I guess this movie oddly represents this topic pretty well!