By Willy J – I realize plane seats can be very uncomfortable. I mean they are made for you to sit on, not lay on. But we all would agree that laying down is way better than sitting, but good luck getting an open seat next to you on an airplane. But if you have a nice enough husband like this women, then you’re in luck!

This guy has got to be in the dog house. This dude spent 6 hours standing on a plane so his wife can lay down. This guy had to of really screwed up on their vacation. Did he forget the phone chargers? Did he get too drunk at the pool? He did something to deserve this.

Look,  many people are saying that this dude is just a nice husband who loves his wife enough to give up his seat for SIX hours. There are some things I could do for six hours like sit on the beach or go on a hike, but I don’t think I could stand on a plane for that long. If I had a girlfriend that wanted me to stand up so she can lay down, I would do it only for like 20 min, then her tired ass is sitting up.

Give him a break! That man stood for the ENTIRE flight! I fail to believe he was 100% fine with this. In my opinion, I think this dude is WHIPPED, and he has no problem with putting up with her pettiness. But I could be wrong. Maybe chivalry is not dead and this dude genuinely didn’t mind standing on an airplane for SIX fricken hours.