I BAWLED watching this and probably shouldn’t have…

Disclaimer: if you are a new mom or emotional at all…. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

I was watching the CMA’s last night and this Dumbo trailer came on… and I. Lost. IT. 😭

OK, I have SEEN Dumbo, I know the plot. I know Dumbo gets separated from his Mom. I KNOW there’s a happy ending…. But this gutted me! I have a 10 month old baby and I can’t imagine a baby being separated from their mommy!!! 😥 ¬†And that slow version they have of “Baby Mine?” Dead. ☠️ Plus a CGI’d baby elephant is WAY cuter than I thought it was gonna be 😍

The only criticism I have is…. this PRETTY much gives me The Greatest Showman vibes… hard act to follow as far as circus movies go! 🤷🏼‍♀️

This movie comes out March 2019, will you see it??





Christmas came early, Swifties. Golden Globe nominations are here! How much Ariana is too much Ariana? What’s the best FRIENDS Thanksgiving episode? Wait, how do YOU pronounce blink 182?! Chainsmokers featuring Kelsea Ballerini (aka my girl crush)