By Willy J – What are you doing if this happens to you? What are you doing if you are having a nice meal with your family or friends and your food starts jumping off your plate? I’ll tell you what I’m doing, I’m leaving that restaurant, packing my shit up, and getting the hell out of town. I know that might seem extreme but come on people, the employees of that restaurant served food that was still alive! Get out! Who knows what else they got back in the kitchen that still has some active nerves.

What even is that? That is not chicken. I’ve ate chicken before, I’m sure you have too, and whatever is on that plate is not chicken. Maybe it is and I am just not caught up with the whole new raw chicken trend, but to me it’s got a seafood look to it. It’s both gross and scary. Count me out for eating at this restaurant. Yelp rating 0.