Complex – If you have just under $12 million just hanging around and can’t thank of any enjoyable ways to blow it, why not consider the island infamously featured in promo footage for the doomed 2017 luxury music festival experience known as Fyre Festival?

The Exumas-set Saddleback Cay island seen in the opening moments of a certain Fyre promo clip is now going for $11.8 million dollars via regional realtor HG Christie, per a Forbes report. Obvious less-than-flattering Fyre press aside, listing agent John Christie said over the weekend that the recent releases of competing documentaries on the Fyre failure seemingly put new eyes on the island.

According to the HG Christie listing, Saddleback Cay boasts seven major and minor beaches, with one facing the Southerly Winds. There’s also a main house, multiple cottages, and promised “easy access” from New Providence via water and sky vehicles. In terms of acreage, prospective buyers can expect 35 of them.

By Willy J – It’s finally happening! That luxurious island which acted as a prison to thousands of privileged kids hoping to see a music festival with Blink-182 and Rae Shremmurd but clearly got everything but that, is up for sale and could be yours!

This wasn’t the island where the concert was going down. This is the “promo island”, the island where the festival’s coordinator Billy McFarland and leading investor hip-hop legend Ja Rule hung out to shoot the Fyre Festival promo video.

If you’re thinking of buying this Island for whatever reason, it’s gonna cost you. $11.8 million!?! I give it 2 weeks before some rich young Youtuber buys it for clout. Just watch.