South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem doubled down on her state’s misguided “Meth, We’re On It” anti-drug campaign — which became an instant punchline on social media. “Meth is IN SD. Twitter can make a joke of it, but when it comes down to it – Meth is a serious problem in SD. We are here to Get. It. OUT,” Noem tweeted Monday night. The Republican followed up with another tweet saying that the state’s epidemic “needs to be a dinner table conversation,” and then added “we need everyone on it.” The initiative’s logo was promoted on the site and consisted of the confusing tagline stamped on an outline of the Mount Rushmore State. Nearly $500k was spent on the anti-drug campaign, which featured digital and TV ads, including a video of adults and children saying, “I’m on meth.” The campaign went viral on social media and the terms “South Dakota” and “meth” were trending yesterday.