Or, at least has eerily similar aesthetics to them. A recent lawsuit aimed at NASA, over some petty beef with his billionaire rival, Elon Musk, is apparently so lard in size that its clogging up The Department Of Justice computer systems….so Bezos can add tampering with regular government operations to his villain resumé.

Surprisingly, seven gigabytes worth of PDFs) is too much for our gov. to handle. The issue stems, supposedly, from the fact that the Adobe Acrobat can’t combine “several hundred files at one time without crashing.” Hm, yeah, sure thing.

If you need more proof of Sir. Bezos’ villainous status—

The resemblance is uncanny, s’all I’m saying. In hopes to protect myself from any kind of amazon-alexa-watch-list, let it be clear this is all for the goof.

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