SOURCE – There’s a rumor going around that Jennifer Lopez will be headlining the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show.

The Super Bowl will be happening in February of next year in Miami, a place close to Jennifer’s heart.

Jay Z will be producing this year’s performance.

Sources say she’s in serious talks to get the deal done.

By Willy J – Oh boy, the Super Bowl halftime performance rumors are hot right now, and all arrows are pointing to the one and only Jennifer Lopez. That’s right, if the rumors are true, JLo will be rocking it on stage in Miami come late February.

Lopez is just getting done with her tour so she doesn’t have any plans! It’s all adding up but we won’t know until the official announcement comes.

In my opinion, I can’t really get down with this. Listen, JLo is HOT and can fricken dance but how long has she been out of the game for? I’m not saying she is old because clearly the girl doesn’t age, but at least get someone who is young and upcoming who is killing the game right now. If it wasn’t for A-Rod this wouldn’t be a thing, CALLING IT.

I feel like this will have a lot to do with her new movie ‘Hustlers’ therefore making this whole thing seem like it has to happen. These are just rumors so nothing is certain, but usually the Super Bowl Halftime rumors hold their truth.  JLo will kill it, but I’ll be the first out of millions to complain about the performance choice.