Have you ever heard the term “Homie Hopper”?  A slang definition is a person who leaves a relationship and starts dating a friend of the relationship that just ended.  So here is the tea.

New York Jet’s QB Zach Wilson and his high school sweetheart Abby Gile ended their relationship.  No big deal right?  Well Abby has moved on and is now dating a different NFL player for the Washinton Commanders.  This new guy was actually Wilson’s college BFF and roommate.  This is where the drama gets good.  Abby and her new boy toy went on a romantic weekend and like many of us they took a bunch of pictures and posted them on social media.

One person called Abby a Homie Hopper, referring to Abby leaving Wilson for his former college roommate.  Abby fired back saying Wilson cheated on her with his mom’s BFF calling him the real homie hopper.

Abby has since deactivated her IG and Wilson is just hearing about the social media fiasco and has not commented yet.


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