Kodak Saves Quarantine With 51,000 Piece Puzzle

I don’t know who got paid to think of this, but it’s kinda cool (even though I’d NEVER do it). Kodak just released a 51,300 piece puzzle that takes roughly 16-25 days to complete IF YOU DON’T STOP. Soo you could buy it today, and it’ll last you all through quarantine, and then some!

Just make sure you’ve got a little bit of space…when it’s finally finished, this thing clocks in at 6.25ft in height and 28.5 in length. With all 51,300 pieces put together, the entire puzzle weighs 40lbs. Yes, that’s big enough to break the world record–which it did for “The largest commercially-available puzzle in the world”. The previous record-holding puzzle was 42,000 pieces.

Oh, btw it’s $600 bucks. 😬