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KOEN Brings Authentic Japanese BBQ and Sushi Experience to Lincoln!

Looking for a new experience of dining with beloved family and friends? KOEN is the answer. Utilizing the concept of an authentic Japanese BBQ and Sushi, KOEN located at 2601 Jamie Lane Suite, is offering a different nuance of enjoying meal of which guests can grill marinated meats and vegetables at their tables.

Inez Retnosari, Koen’s manager, said that KOEN in Japanese meant a park or a gathering place. “We try to create an atmosphere where people can gather with their family, friends and loved ones and have a memory of cooking together in a table,” she said. “Japanese BBQ is also known as yakiniku which refers to grilling pre-marinated thinly-sliced premium cuts of protein on a gas or charcoal grill. Japanese created their own twist by adding soy and gochujang dipping sauces to make it different from the Korean BBQ, “she said. “This new technique became very popular in Japan after the WWII. Ventilated grill was then created in 1980’s to make the dining experience more comfortable.” Inez said KOEN was the first restaurant in Lincoln, Nebraska, that brought the concept of Japanese BBQ and grill. “If guests are not into family grilling that much, they can still relax and chatting with friends in the Izakaya area. It is our new concept of Japanese social lounge which will be opened on weekends only from 9 to 11 P.M.,” said Inez. “We have 14 different kinds of sakes and premium Japanese beers and cocktails as well as Plum wine for guests to enjoy.”

Come celebrate their grand opening November 28th through December 8th where every ticket, excluding Happy Hour, will receive 20% off!

2601 Jamie Lane, Suite 100
Lincoln NE 68512