Daily Mail – Unconfirmed rumors that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper could grace the silver screen together again in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 are gaining traction online this week.

HollywoodLife quoted an unnamed source as saying Gaga could play the love interest for Cooper’s Rocket Raccoon in the third installment of the Marvel franchise out in 2021.

The rumors first emerged last week when the Twitter account Film Updates tweeted that Gaga is being considered for the role of Lylla, an otter from Rocket Raccoon’s home planet Halfworld.

They come less than a month after Cooper split from longtime girlfriend Irina Shayk.

The couple began dating in 2015 and welcomed daughter Lea in 2017.

Speculation swirled that Cooper and Shayk’s split was caused in part by his emotionally-charged Shallow performance with Gaga at the Oscars this year, though both starts have denied those claims.

By Willy J – Lady Gaga joining The Guardians of the Galaxy?!? OHHH YEAAA!! I’m psyched for this! I’m a huge fan of The MCU and I know these are just rumors but I would love it if they brought Lady Gaga on! The girl can act and we all want to see her and Bradley Cooper in another movie together. Bradly Cooper plays the voice of “Rocket Raccoon” which if you’re like me took watching the movie 2 times to figure that out, because no way that voice sounds like Bradley Cooper’s.

We all loved Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in ‘A Star is Born’. Then there was that Shallow performance at The Oscar’s that left us all feelin a little steamy. Since then, many people have wanted the two to fall in love in real life. To make those wishes more likely of coming true, about a month ago, Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Irina Shayk broke up. IT’S ALL LINING INTO PLACE! And now, the speculation is that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s characters might fall in love! They are saying she might voice the character of an animal as well! Which means we probably won’t see her beautiful face on screen.


I hope this happens! Not only would this attract a lot of people to watch the new movie, but I think Gaga and Cooper’s chemistry on ‘A Star is Born’ can translate perfectly into the Marvel Universe. Do you agree?