Life Hack – Saving Money

We all need to save money, especially now, and apparently there are easy ways to do it.


If you use the liquid dishwasher soap, you can take an ice cube tray, fill each one up 1/2 of the way, freeze it and make your own pods. Not only are you saving money with the amount of soap used, but you are also making it more convenient to wash the dishes!


You don’t have to buy as much laundry detergent if you use this life hack.

@yourmorningctv Do you know how much laundry detergent you’re ACTUALLY supposed to use? @Laundrytok | Melissa Pateras filled us in – and you wont believe it! #laundrytok #tips #hacks #wow #fabricsoftener #laundrydetergent ♬ original sound – CTV Your Morning

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