I know this came out in January, but I was late to the game and maybe you are too?! CHEER on Netflix is a six part original docuseries that follows Junior College Cheer Team, Navarro. They are like, THE, top cheer program in the country, and located in tiny Corsicana, Texas. And no, you’re not supposed to have heard of it before, I hadn’t either!

These 18 & 19 year olds are INTENSE. They always win. It’s WEIRD when they don’t. The grueling practices and insane schedules take over their lives, all led by a woman who knows/pushes/wins it all; Monica.

You’ll fall in love with cheer members Jerry and Morgan. You’ll sympathize with superstar Gabi and her over-bearing parents. And you’ll cry along with the complicated story of La’Darius.

Even if you don’t like stunt cheerleading, the intensity of CHEER is something you’ll truly binge and love!

  • Lindsey