The luck has run out for a Louisiana man who was allegedly caught rigging bingo games to win more than $10,000. John Cook, 43, was booked into the Ouachita Correctional Facility on Friday on a felony theft charge and two counts for failing to appear multiple times following his June 29th arrest, according to a Monroe Police warrant obtained by news outlets. Police say Cook was recorded on video at a bingo parlor manipulating a “Bonanza Bingo” game by handpicking the balls he wanted to play and then hiding the winner until he was ready to end the game. The warrant says Cook did this at least four times and ultimatley won thousands of dollars for three people, including his sister. One of the winners was captured speaking with Cook before the drawing, and two other winners were seen giving Cook money after the game, the warrant states. He’s now in jail on an $11,000 bond.