An elderly Japanese man named Akitoshi Okamoto was arrested November 26th after allegedly making 24,000 phone calls over a two-and-a-half-year period to a toll-free number to KDDI, a telecommunications company he claims violated its service contract with him. KDDI says it started getting the calls from Okamoto in May 2017. By October of this year, they’d had enough and put in a damage report with police, saying Okamoto’s calls “seriously interfered with its business,” keeping operators from taking care of other job duties and customers. Okamoto would call KDDI and insult whomever took his call, insist that someone from customer service pay him a personal visit, or simply hang up. The company didn’t want to get the police involved, but that the “tipping point” came when Okamoto called 411 times in a week. Okamoto says he’s the victim. His problem? The phone can’t pick up radio broadcasts.