Ryan Bishop was driving in Tucson, Arizona, on Sunday afternoon when suddenly the driver’s side window shattered. “I had a very loud explosion happen in my window,” Bishop said, saying he first thought a rock broke it, and pulled over to inspect. “I opened the door, took a look around it and then I hear this ‘Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!’” he said. “So I got in my car and continued driving.” He pulled over eventually and called the police, who soon arrived and discovered a bullet sitting on Bishop’s dashboard. He says he normally drives with his window down and arm on the window ledge ― the same spot where the bullet hit. “I’m pretty sure [eating a] taco saved my life, or at least stopped my arm from getting blown apart,” he said. “I had the window closed because I didn’t want pieces of the taco flying around.” The Tucson Police Department is investigating the shooting as “Criminal Damage/Malicious Mischief.”