Man Wins $450k After Surprise Party Triggers Panic Attack

A Kentucky man has been awarded $450,000 — after his colleagues threw him an office birthday party against his wishes.  Kevin Berling, 29, was working as a lab technician, when his co-workers conducted the lunchtime celebration back in August 2019.

Kevin said he subsequently suffered a panic attack from the unwanted attention and was soon fired. He later filed a compensation suit against the company, according to legal docs seen by The Post.

Kevin had allegedly asked the office manager not to throw a birthday party for him when he first joined the company in 2018.  However, the manager subsequently “forgot” his request, and the office festivities went ahead, giving Berling a panic attack. He was forced to flee to his car, where he spent an hour trying to recover.

On Friday, a 12-person jury unanimously awarded Berling a $450,000 judgment against the company.

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