A 48-year-old man stunned doctors after it was revealed that his persistent sinus infections were the result of marijuana he stuffed up his nose nearly two decades earlier. The unnamed patient from Sydney, Australia concocted the scheme while incarcerated 18 years ago. During a prison visit, his girlfriend passed him a rubber balloon, which he shoved up his right nostril, concealing the cannabis from guards while returning to his cell. Although the prisoner evaded detection, his unorthodox marijuana-muleing was hardly a success. The pot parcel lodged so deep in his nasal cavity that he couldn’t retrieve it.

Eventually, the man convinced himself the baggie had fallen down his throat, and forgot about the whole ordeal. It wasn’t until years later that recurring headaches and nasal congestion prompted him to see a doctor. Fortunately, the mass was removed without incident, and he recovered fully within three months.