Mardi Gras Dancer Goes MEGA Viral

Millions turn out to Mardi Gras to let loose and gain some beads but for Steven Barbosa (@only1barbosa) it brought overnight success.  The video footage of him dancing, with beads on and mouthing the words to the song went MEGA viral on Tik Tok having millions view, share and dance along with him.  However, that overnight success has turned into Steven doing a meet-and-greet this past weekend but that is not all!

Do you think that social media influencers should be charging to hang out with them OR are they taking their new-found fame too far?

@only1barbosa Super excited! Come see me at @lockhartcadillac #Cadillac #Vibe #SpicyWhite 😆 #MarchMadness ♬ original sound – Only1Barbosa

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