Meghan Markle’s estranged dad on Monday challenged Prince Harry to “man up” and finally meet him. “Man up and fly down and see me,” Thomas Markle, 75, told Good Morning Britain during one of a series of extraordinary interviews he hopes will reach the royal couple after their “embarrassing” Megxit. “I’d be happy to duel with Harry anytime,” Markle also told The Sun newspaper. “One round in the chamber. Cocked. Ten steps, turn and fire. That’d settle the score. “The way he’s been acting, I think he’d crouch on the ground before he gets to 10 steps. He’s a candy ass. He’s whipped,” Markle said of the royal son-in-law he has never met. He insists his constant interviews are his “only shot” at getting through to his daughter, who has not spoken to him since he no-showed at her May 2018 royal wedding. Meghan, however, has explained that her dad’s endless comments to the media are the reason she avoids him.