Miss Cleo Is Getting A Documentary

What does the future hold? Apparently, it holds a documentary about the iconic 1990s TV psychic known as Miss Cleo.  A film centered on Youree Dell Harris, aka Miss Cleo ― the unforgettable and charismatic star of the Psychic Readers Network ― is in production, Deadline reported Wednesday. The nonfiction entertainment studio XTR and the production company Majority announced the project this week.

Harris appeared in TV commercials in the late ’90s, a self-described shaman with a faux Jamaican accent and a slew of catchphrases, most famously “Call me now!” She was featured on the Psychic Readers Network offering supposed psychic hotline services.  Harris died in 2016 at age 53, following a battle with cancer.

“Claiming to be a shaman from Jamaica, Miss Cleo’s charisma and famous imperatives enabled the Psychic Readers Network, a pay-per-call service, to charge callers seeking answers over $1 billion for advice,” XTR said in a description of the upcoming documentary, according to Deadline.

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