Netflix’s “Tinder Swindler” is taking the world by storm and making millions scratch their heads on how it was even possible!  The new Netflix documentary tells the story of a notorious conman who allegedly used the Tinder dating app to live a life of luxury while defrauding women across Europe. Simon Leviev was able to dupe multiple women out of thousands of dollars but he is not in jail, not anymore.

Now that he is free, he might be back on Tinder looking for more women, at least according to Miss Carter, who found him 3 miles from her in Cabo.  She is now on a mission to match with him and swindle the swindler.  According to Simon, it is a fake account but based on his previous actions it is hard to tell.  Have you seen the documentary?

@misskcarter #greenscreen not the tinder swindler in Cabo at the same time as me!!!! Oh it’s on!! #tinderswindler #tinder #cabo ♬ original sound – Miss Carter

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