Cuddle Szn is upon us!

If you aren’t aware, that means grab a boo-thang, some popcorn, and a couch; it’s time to stream your favorite movies or catch up on that TV show you slept on this Summer! It sounds fun until you realize that, with 30+ streaming options available, you could easily spend the entire time coasting through options instead of cozying up. I’m here to help you sort through it…kind of.

Check out the BIG 5 options for streaming in Fall 2019: 

Amazon Prime Video: 

$: 120/year; 12.99/month

Best For: Prime Members


Apple TV Plus: 

$: 4.99/month– Although you get 12 months free if you buy a new iPhone/iPad, Mac, or Apple TV. I’d go with the Apple TV purchase…for obvious reasons.

Best For: New ‘i-device’ owners, or those who enjoy watching a wide variety of any and everything that is produced.


Disney Plus: 

$69.99/year; 6.99/month

Best For: No brainer if you’re a die-hard Disney fan, but also a must for true fans of Marvel, Starward, The Simpsons, or National Geographic.



5.99/month(with Ads); 11.00/month(ad-free)

Best For: Those who don’t wanna miss currently running network shows, like Dancing With the Stars, How to Get Away with Murder or Fear the Walking Dead.

Also Good For: People who love original content that isn’t on Network TV like Looking For Alaska, The Handmaid’s Tale, or Wu-Tang: An American Saga



8.99/month for basic; 12.99/month for Standard; 15.99/month for Premium

Best For: Binge-Watching. If you plan on sitting down and running through as much content as possible, Netflix will provide a fun challenge. Plus, if you’re a fan of Stranger Things…you’re gonna wanna subscribe.

The BIG 5 above, will contain a good mix of TV and Movie releases. If you’re looking to cut the cable and strictly stream TV, there’s plenty of other options: 




For: DirecTV/Viacom users, HBO fans


HULU + Live TV:

44.99/month (with ads); $50.99/month(ad-free)

For: Those already on a Hulu subscription, or Nintendo Switch owners (currently only streaming app on Switch).


54.99/month (upgraded packages available)

For: Sports Fanatics who need LIVE sports 24/7


Sling TV:

$25/month ($15 the first month)

For: Those on a budget, who want to choose which channels and networks they watch.


Youtube TV: 


For: Those who want to integrate their current youtube usage into a full-fledged family streaming experience. Includes over 70 channels (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, EPSN, etc.)

It’s a lot to remember. Just grab the service that’s gonna serve YOU. The prices for these are rising all the time. The sooner you pick one (or a couple), the more money you save! Good luck!