Nurse Adopts Patient’s Dog

Registered nurse Jennifer Smith takes the commitment of nursing care a step further.  Last November, Smith got a panicked call from John Burley, one of her patients from the adult day health care program. He’d been hospitalized with pneumonia, and with no nearby family to step in to help, his dog Boomer had been taken to an animal shelter.

Aware that the 12-year-old dog he’d had since it was a pup meant the world to him, when Burley asked Smith if she would take care of Boomer, her immediate response was a resounding, “Of course, I will!”

The first thing Smith had to do was track Boomer down, finally finding him at the Humane Society. The following day, she drove to the shelter and put the adoption in motion, letting Burley know Boomer was doing well and he’d be coming home soon.

During his stay in the rehab wing, Smith brought Boomer to visit his doggy daddy several times a day. The cute pooch soon became a favorite with staff and patients alike.


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