Olivia Rodrigo Never Went To The Prom, But She Will With Her ‘Sour Prom’ Concert Film Some of Olivia Rodrigo’s fans are on cloud nine as the singer showed up at doorsteps to ask them to prom, sorta.  Rodrigo held a pink sign which read: “Prom would be brutal without u,” the proposal was an invite to Rodrigo’s Sour Prom Concert Film, live streaming on her YouTube channel on Tuesday, June 29th.  Rodrigo will hold a pre-prom event on her YouTube thirty minutes before the Livestream event.  Lucky fans uploaded pictures with Olivia and the gifts of flowers and merchandise, including a box of Sour Patch Kids with her face on it. “Olivia Rodrigo came to my house to ask me to prom & i don’t think i’ll ever shut up. WHAT IS LIFE???!” tweeted a fan named Jocelyn. Rodrigo just celebrated graduating high school and shared the accomplishment on her Instagram page.  What would you do if Olivia Rodrigo showed up at your doorstep?

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