Paranormal Meets Single Mom
Stairs of an old house left in Bocairent's Villa, province of Valencia, Spain.

One single mom came home with her kids in tow to see the light in her bedroom was still on, although she swears, she turned it off.  Then comes the shadow figure…..


@riverfronthaunting Part 1 — Recently, some really creepy things have started happening to me & my family, but I never expected this. I was in disbelief. #fyp #ghosts #haunting #paranormal ♬ original sound – Brandy



@riverfronthaunting Reply to @noah_2blunts My house is cluttered cause the holidays were hard. I feel bad I kept talking over my son, but I was scared. #fyp #ghosts #haunting #paranormal ♬ original sound – Brandy


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