, a website that shows the status of various services, had many people reporting an outage for Tesla over the last couple of hours. According to the website, first outages were reported around 4.30AM ET.

While Tesla’s app helps you unlock the car, you can still use a key card, an option key fob, or the app without needing to connect to the internet. But some people who didn’t have the key card or the fob, and were logged out of the app, had to wait at the time of reporting.

Some users are now reporting that the app is back up. However, there’s no word from Tesla on what caused the outage. We’ve reached out to the company, and we’ll update the story if we hear back.

Willy J – For about five years now, I’ve been debating if these new high tech Tesla’s are worth all the hype they’ve been receiving. I’ve never drove one, but come on, it’s a car that literally drives itself, which is pretty cool!

But I’m not a fan. Sure it’s cool, but let’s slow down a bit Elon, there are still some kinks you have to work out.

What happened to Tesla owners yesterday had to of absolutely sucked. Yesterday(Tuesday), the official Tesla App went down. IT CRASHED, and evidently if that happens, the whole Tesla world shuts down.

Tesla owners got locked out of their cars! Apparently if the app goes down, so do the cars! THAT WOULD SUCK!! Picture yourself on a road trip with your family and you stop in the middle of Arizona at a gas station and then boom, you’re locked out!

Apparently this happened early in the morning, so a lot of people we’re asleep during the outage, but clearly some people we’re screwed over by The Tesla Gods, who looked at this incident as not a big deal…