Pigeons in Las Vegas have been spotted around town donning tiny western-style hats on the tops of their heads. Facebook user Bobby Lee posted a now-viral video of the bizarre sight to the social media platform last week. “These f—king birds have hats on, bro … The sh-t you see in my neighborhood,” Lee can be heard saying in the 13-second clip that shows the hat-wearing pigeons strolling around near Tropicana Avenue and Maryland Parkway. It’s not clear why the pigeons had hats on or who was responsible for the stunt. Some social media users pointed out that the National Finals Rodeo was going on in Las Vegas, while others suggested that the hats are animal cruelty. “This is really sad,” Natalia Becker wrote in a comment. “People can be f—king disgusting.” The Nevada SPCA acknowledged the incident in a tweet, adding that a “local pigeon rescue group” is currently trying to find the birds.