Actual Veggies just raised $2.3 Million in their funding round that was brought on by Post Malone and his management company’s investment arm, Electric Feel Ventures. Actual Veggies offers many different vegan burger patties that have four different flavors such as the Actual Black Burger, the Actual Orange Burger, the Actual Green Burger, and the Actual Purple Burger. Post Malones’ manager recently spoke about the investment. He said, “Electric Feel sits at the epicenter of development across music, brands, and culture. We are dedicated to elevating authentic individuals and brands. It goes without saying, in the entertainment business what you see isn’t always real, and let’s be honest, it isn’t much different in the food space. But Actual Veggies is real—real food, real flavor, really good! We are excited to back Actual Veggies and the team behind this exciting new brand.” Could you stop eating meat? Could you be entirely plant-based with your food consumption?

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