Real Bat Is Released At “The Batman” Movie In Texas

Animal control had to be called to a Cinépolis theater in Austin, Texas, after a live bat was released during a screening of “The Batman” as part of a prank, according to a report by CBS Austin.

Last week Saturday, an audience member, whose Twitter handle is @Jeremiah24_, shared a video on the social media app of a real bat flying around the theater while “The Batman” was paused on the screen.

A spokesperson for Cinépolis confirmed to CBS on Sunday that the incident occurred in its Moviehouse & Eatery theater in Northwest Austin, On Friday, March 4.  Annelise Holyoak, the spokesperson, said: “Local animal control was immediately contacted, and they have been overseeing the situation to ensure guest, associate, and animal safety. To ensure a prank like this does not again occur, we’ve added additional security and are checking all bags upon guest entry.”

The spokesperson for Cinépolis said the majority of the audience members opted to stay and finish the movie with the bat in the room despite being offered full refunds.

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