Rihanna Cradles Her Baby In Adorable New Instagram Video

Rihanna has her hands full in her latest Instagram post.
The pop superstar attempted to get in a workout while keeping a watchful eye over her infant. However, multi-tasking proved to be a challenge.
The 10-month-old, whose name Rihanna has chosen not to disclose to the public, is being held in his mom’s arms in a new video uploaded to the Barbados-born singer’s Instagram account on Saturday.
The boy squirms and smiles in Rihanna’s arms as she holds him lovingly; she distracts him and tries to keep him calm with a child-friendly TV show. The video also showcases the star’s growing belly, as she’s carrying her second baby with rap star A$AP Rocky. It’s difficult to tell how far the superstar is in her pregnancy.
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