Forbes – The tweeter, Joshua Nozzi, said later he was trying to raise a flag about FaceApp having access to all photos, even if it wasn’t uploading them to a server owned by the Russian company.

Of course, given the developer company is based in St. Petersburg, the faces will be viewed and processed in Russia. The data in those Amazon data centers could be mirrored back to computers in Russia. It’s unclear how much access FaceApp employees have to those images, and Forbes hadn’t received comment from the company at the time of publication about just what it does with uploaded faces.

So is there a privacy concern? FaceApp could operate differently. It could, for instance, process the images on your device, rather than take submitted photos to an outside server. As iOS security researcher Will Strafach said: “I am sure many folks are not cool with that.”

Forbes contacted FaceApp founder Yaroslav Goncahrov, who provided a statement Wednesday morning. He said that user data is not transferred to Russia and that “most of the photo processing in the cloud.”

By Willy J – Oh no not the Russians! First they try and beat us to the moon, then they try to ruin our election, and now they are accessing our photos…allegedly. Apparently this new Faceapp that makes you look like you are 90 years old processes the photos in Russia. The developer company is based in Florida, which means this probably isn’t a big deal, but It’s the Russians so I’m freaking out.

Listen if you ask me, delete that app right now. The privacy settings are so warped now of days, so who knows what people could be doing with our photos. We had our fun. We braced ourselves with what we will look like in our eighties. Now we have to pray we all don’t get hacked. Keep the app if you want, but I’m sure as hell not giving my photo to the Russians anymore.

It’s funny how we all love seeing what we look like as an old person, until we find out the Russians made the app.