The Dutch family who lived on a secluded farm for nine years, waiting for the world to end, could barely speak and communicated in a “fantasy language” when authorities rescued them. Investigators revealed Tuesday that they had trouble understanding the family of six — retiree Geet van Dorsten and his five adult children, ages 18 to 25 — when they responded to the out-of-the-way farm in the rural province of Drenethe Sunday. Parts of their speech were “incomprehensible.” Meanwhile, Austrian carpenter Josef Brunner, 58, has been arrested for allegedly keeping the family locked inside the remote property as they prepared for doomsday. The family’s bizarre living arrangement was discovered when the eldest of the young adults, Jan Zon van Dorsten, 25, turned up at a pub. He ordered and downed five ales — and then asked for help. Neighbors said they never saw signs of other people living in Brunner’s home.