According to a lawsuit filed by Maryana Beyder against the Alpine Country Club in Demarast, New Jersey, a waiter spilled red wine on her Hermes handbag on September 7th of last year, ruining the expensive bag. The lawsuit, which says the rare bag was discontinued, making it irreplaceable, seeks $30,000 in damages. Beyder’s attorney, Alexandra Errico, says the restaurant denied all the claims in the lawsuit—and filed its own cross-claim lawsuit against the unidentified waiter. Errico says the lawsuit was only filed after her client spent more than a year trying to resolve the issue with the club and insurance companies. She says while it is reasonable to seek compensation for an item damaged at a restaurant, they are not blaming the employee for the accident, and the club is “acting in bad faith” by suing him. Experts say the waiter should not be liable and call the cross-claim is “unheard of” in such a case.