Shaq’s son shares supportive messages he received from Kobe Bryant the morning of the helicopter crash

This is powerful. Kobe and Shaq were like family on AND off the court, with Shaq referring to Kobe’s daughters as his nieces, and Shaq’s son calling Kobe “unc.” Shaq’s son Shareef, also a basketball player, shared messages Kobe sent to him frequently checking in on his well being. Those who knew him said this was the man he was off the court, that his FAMILY was always his #1 priority.

I can’t imagine what his wife is going through… losing a CHILD let alone a spouse at the same time… and having to still manage to take care of their 3 remaining daughters… It’s just heartbreaking. I loved my family a little extra last night, I hope the same for you. ♥

  • Lindsey