Shelter Dog Gets Out And Plays All Night

“Who let the dogs out?” took on new meaning for a Pennsylvania shelter dog that was able to get free from his kennel overnight.

Bedford County Humane Society has a long-time resident, Gilligan, who found his way out of his kennel and played all night.  employee Joyce Ross couldn’t believe what she walked in and found the next morning.  He spent the night playing with all the squeaker toys he could find.

Staff said, “He went through each toy one by one to pull out each squeaker, and the ones that didn’t have a squeaker, he pulled out and left alone. He skipped all the ones that didn’t have squeakers. He only wanted the squeakers.”

Although he went viral on Tik Tok, the shelter is not looking to adopt him out, but one lady has offered to buy him a toy a month, for the rest of his life.  Checkout how much fun he is having!

@stardust9822 Gillagan had one crazy night last night. 🥰 #funnydogvideos #shelterdogs #dog ♬ original sound – Stardust9822

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