Should I love a 22 year old this much?? (spoiler: Noah Centineo)

I haven’t been THIS obsessed and smitten with an actor since I first discovered Leo in Romeo & Juliet… It’s a little embarrassing, honestly.

I mean, I am almost 33.. and a mother. And Noah is 22. (Thank GOODNESS he’s not like 17… yikes.)

But honestly, HE’S SO PERFECT!!! If you know Peter Kavinsky and you’ve seen To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before… well, you get it. You understand me. (If not, please leave.)

Well April 12 we get a NEW Netflix movie to obsess and drool over. To be honest, it doesn’t look awesome… but I guarantee it will be worth it with Mr. NOAH CENTINEO!

Anyone with me?!




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