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Matt McKay
I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. The thought of working in radio only crossed my mind when my high school band was trying to get our songs played on air. When I realized we were nothing more than a garage band playing for a pipe dream, I focused my attention on becoming a DJ. After paying my dues as an intern in Seattle and finishing a year in broadcasting school, I moved to Boise, Idaho to produce a morning show. Six months later, a friend and I packed my Civic to low-rider status and hit the road to Lincoln. Two years into the gig, our station changed their song selection and staff, leaving me with no job! I then spent a year focusing on my other passion, teaching preschool! Ring Ring? Tennessee needed a morning show so I headed south and spent a year waking up Knoxville. Then came another station change! I HAD NO JOB AGAIN! My new wife, our adopted animals, and I decided to head back to Lincoln! Driving jobless in a U-Haul packed tight with all I own and love KFRX called! We parked the 26-foot moving truck, I brushed my teeth, and interviewed for my dream job! I'm currently the Program Director and rockin' the mic from 6-10am weekday mornings. I am as happy as I have ever been! My wife, Cari, and I have two beautiful girls! Edyn, born in June 2007, and Lenyn, born in November 2013. They are rad! What inspires me... As weird as this may sound...SOUNDS inspire me!! Whether it is the beat of a song, the laughter and cooing of my daughter in her crib at 2 am, or the neighbor attempting to start an unwilling lawn mower. I enjoy sounds and draw some inspiration from all of them. Strange? I really do NOT sleep at night... I sleep a lot less than is probably good for me. I usually get about 4-5 hours a night. Some nights I lay in bed and think about various things. I check the clock every half hour or so, fading in and out of 30 minute naps until I decide to just GET UP! I seriously get excited about being awake, and I have to force myself to relax and stay in doesn't always work! I bet that's why my daughter is cooing at 2 am...she got it from her daddy!
Willy J
What’s up Lincoln, my name is Willy J and I’m from right here in the capitol city! I grew up listening to KFRX which makes working here so much more special. Catch me on the air during the Matt McKay Mornings Show every morning from 6:00 to 9AM and Sundays from 12-4PM! I'm a sophomore at the University of Nebraska studying Sports Communication. I love the Vikings, the Timberwolves and of course the Huskers, especially Nebrasketball!!
Having lived in Lincoln my entire life, KFRX has been a big part of my life- from frequenting as a high school cheerleader on the The Donut Hole morning show, to Sunday Night Dedications, leading all the way up to listening to my friend Matt McKay for years, so it really is surreal to be a part of his show now! I absolutely love our city and am so honored to contribute to our community with KFRX. I’m also a licensed esthetician, mother of two kids, Tobey & Perry, and an Army wife to my veteran husband Mike who I’m proud to say fought for our country!