Snoop Dogg recently chatted with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on their “Drink Champs” podcast, and he shared some interesting tidbits of information. Supposedly Dr. Dre didn’t even want to do his now legendary Super Bowl Half-Time show.

For example, he said Dr. Dre didn’t want to do the Half-Time show. He said, “One thing you gotta know about Dr. Dre is he’s a guy that’s in the moment. So if he don’t feel like he’s got a record that’s relevant at the moment, then he doesn’t think he is the moment.”

He also shared why he continued to work while grieving his mom. He said, “That’s what mama wanted me to do,” he said. “To me, her transition made me better. Because now she’s up top watching over me, it’s no accident I wanted all these things that are happening right now because she’s pulling strings for me.”


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