Steve Harvey Has The Answer To A Happy Marriage

During a recent appearance on CBS’s “The Talk,” Steve Harvey, the “Family Feud” host shared some of the most important things he’s learned after all these years. “Keep your damn mouth shut. Just shut up. Don’t say nothing. It’s best you don’t say nothing. Ain’t no trying to fix it. … Then that way you don’t have to fix it,” Harvey explained while getting a round of applause from audience members.

Co-host Akbar Gbaja-Biamila later asked, “What if you’re right?” which stunned the television host. “What did he say?” Harvey asked as he burst out laughing. “You actually said that? … Are you married?” he asked Gbaja-Biamila. “Yes,” he answered. “What if you’re right? When? Boy, your dumb ass ain’t gon’ make 15. I can tell you that right now,” Harvey said.

@akbar_gbaja I dont understand hwuat I said wrong 😭😭 @steveharvey #fyp #conversation ♬ original sound – Akbar Gbajabiamila

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