Turtles at a park in Washington state have been found with swastikas painted on their shells — and wildlife officials are struggling to catch the offensive critters so they can be cleaned. The Nazi symbol was scrawled in white on the backs of several of the reptiles at Gene Coulon Park in Rentonds, stunning visitors who spotted them sunning on rocks. “It sits with you uncomfortably,” one park-goer huffed. Police received calls about the anti-Semitic snappers and tried with no luck to wrangle them. The city is now getting help from federal wildlife officials to catch and clean them. The tagged turtles had been seen at the park’s lake for more than a month. “It’s very bizarre,” park-goer Aaron Greene said. “What’s going on?” But whoever painted the symbol isn’t the brightest of bigots. “It appears [the swastika] may have been painted in the wrong direction,” said Miri Cypers, a rep for the Anti-Defamation League.