Taylor Swift-Only Nightclub Parties Sweep Across The US

Two friends who love Taylor Swift, drink White Claw while singing at the top of their lungs are seeing wild success with their La Petite Fete. Courtney Gibson and Caitie Phillips are selling out nightclubs all over Florida with their Taylor Swift tribute nights.

The duo has a simple formula, blast Taylor Swift music all night and nothing else. It’s proven to work in clubs like Neon Beach, Soundbar, and bars in Tampa, Chapel Hill, and Tampa.

“There’s a community to it,” Gibson says. “You can go to a bar and listen to music all night, but you would much rather go to a bar and listen to the kind of music you love with a bunch of other people that like that same music.”

Gibson and Phillips have been asked to bring the Taylor Swift dance parties to Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Texas. One fan asked for the night to come to Maui so she could propose to her girlfriend, Gibson and Phillips say they’re going to try to make that happen.


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