Teen’s Profanity-Laden Snapchat Taken to the Supreme Court

A Pennsylvania teenager’s Snapchat has reached the Supreme Court.

Brandi Levy sent the profanity-laden post to her friends in 2017, venting her frustrations with not making the varsity squad.

“F— school f— softball f— cheer f— everything,”

she assumed it would vanish in 24 hours like all Snapchat posts. But when coaches at the school caught wind of the snap, she was kicked from the squad for a year.

The case at the Supreme Court level will determine whether schools have the right to punish students for what they say off-campus.

It’s being viewed as a major test of First Amendment free speech rights.

The Pennsylvania district argues that a decision in favor of the teenager would make it more difficult for schools to monitor and police bullying, racism and harassment that occurs outside of school hours on social media.

The Supreme Court will make a decision by late June.

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