SOURCE – A Newark couple on Saturday won the North American Wife Carrying Championship, an intense competition where men carry women over logs and through muddy water.

Olivia and Jerome Roehm of Team Lovebirds crossed the 278-yard muddy obstacle course at the Sunday River Resort in Newry, Maine, in 55.95 seconds to win the 20th annual event.

Team Lovebirds took home six cases of beer in addition to five times Olivia’s weight in cash, totaling $555, and the Roehms are now eligible to participate in the world championship next year in Finland.

By Willy J – Damnit! They moved it up a week this year and nobody told me?!? It’s okay, I’m not into weird drunken folk games anyways.

Even though I can’t believe this is a thing, this is AWESOME! Do you see how many people are there to witness these husbands carry their wives? Apparently it’s a big deal, that or the Sunday church farmer’s market got cancelled and there wasn’t anything else better to do.

Apparently back in the 19th-century, men would steal other people’s wives from other villages to impress some dude named Ronkainen the Robber. Apparently if you could carry someone’s wife through rivers, over stones, and though hills, you we’re accepted into Ronkainen’s group, which I’m sure today is equivalent to being verified on Twitter. For some reason, people in Maine want to pay remembrance to that tradition and do it one day out of each year.

A couple from Deleware won this year’s competition, bringing home five times the women’s weight in cash, $555 along with six cases of beer.

If you had a girlfriend throughout College, then you are already built and conditioned for this competition!