The 2nd grossest thing a baby can do to you…

So that would lead you to ask, well what’s the FIRST grossest thing??

In MY very short and mostly still unwritten parenting book, getting your baby’s poop or pee in your mouth would be the #1 GROSSEST thing a baby could do to you. (I get how the pee would happen, but not sure about the poop?? I’m confident a baby tush could figure it out, though! 😂) That has never happened to me. #blessed

So that leads us to the #2 Grossest thing… Which just happened to me yesterday… C’mon… it involves something in your mouth…. YEP! Puke. My baby puked in my mouth.

It was VERY disgusting, and my automatic reflex was to spit it back out, which then splattered a little on his sweet angel face, leaving ME to feel bad that HE puked in MY mouth and I spat it back at him. (Yes I know how crazy that sounds! #momlyfe 🤪)

And if you are wondering how it happened, I got him home and took him out if his car seat with a big happy/smiley lift in the air, thus causing him to be above my eye line and a great target for his vomit missile.

But I love that little puker more than life itself. He’s just lucky he’s adorable 😏



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