The Bachelorette: First Impression?


At first I there were SO many good “first impressions” out of the limo that I had too many men I liked to keep track of them all! But after some reflection… I’ve followed my heart and made a tough decision on who my favorites are… lololololol

Follow along at the roster HERE.

  1. The ACTUAL first impression rose winner – Garrett!  I also, was smitten with the minivan entrance (maybe it’s cuz I’m a new mom??) but thought he was sweet and fun from his filmed segment in Reno! My guess? He wins it all (hey, it was JoJo’s idea, not mine!)
  2. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation guy – Colton! How would you not love him after you heard that?? Also fun fact: he is the ex-boyfriend of Olympic gymnast, Aly Raisman!
  3.  The grocery store dude – Joe! Why get rid of Joe?!?! He had a great accent, seemed fun, was a hottie and owned his own business! Seemed like he would be good TV too! Apparently no spark though 🙁

Honorable mention: The chicken suit guy! Yes, costumes are stupid. But guys, he JUST WANTED TO MAKE HER SMILE. *swoon* and that he did! Didn’t make the list cuz I won’t recognize him without the chicken suit, nor do I know his name 🙂

Obviously the dudes I already dislike are Jordan (the model) Chris (the tattle-tale and guy who brought out the choir) and the dude who asked her to meet him 60-40 (who was such a d-bag I didn’t even bother to learn his name.)

Who are your favorites?!



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