The Bachelorette: Men Tell All

Well, they actually didn’t say TOO much… at all. Kinda disappointed in the Men Tell All. Were you?

FIRST AND FOREMOST. Joe the Grocer FINALLY got the screen time he deserved!! We. Love. Joe! I cannot WAIT to see him in Paradise! Speaking of Paradise…

Jordan is Jordan. Are his one-liners hilarious? Yes. Is a douche? YES. People like Jordan, are never going to understand/take in your criticisms of him, so why do these guys get so worked up about it??  Especially Colton. Colton, dude. You’ve had like 2 more relationships since this, and JUST saw Jordan at Paradise… don’t act like you didn’t get the opportunity to say this to him?! Which leads me to believe that maybe he was just playing to producers and making “good TV.” Which THEN leads me to my next point…

Do we believe Colton was sincere in his sensitivity to the virginity reveal? He got emotional. Which is great! IF it’s sincere… Honestly I think he’s trying SUPES hard to be the Bachelor… We’ll see! I hope he and Tia are together though, but that Paradise preview didn’t leave us to believe they are… (PS she goes for CHRIS?!?! EWW! Seriously?! I would almost say going for Jordan is better than Chris… at least Jordan is funny! Chris is… The WORST. C’mon Tia!)

Oh, and the DOUCHIEST moment of the whole show was when that stupid-@$$ perfume guy PLUGGED HIS OWN NASTY PERFUME when apologizing to Becca! I mean, THE NERVE of that guy! Already hated by Bachelor Nation but he thinks they’re a good audience to throw in some product placement of his perfume?? If I were the producers I would have definitely edited that part out (it was filmed 2 weeks prior) and if I were Becca I DEFINITELY wouldn’t have been that nice. Oh well.

BRING ON THE FINALE!!!  I’m still rooting for Blake, for the record 🙂



The most awkward scene in Bachelor HISTORY… Taylor’s Back! Talking to magazines, at least I haven’t laughed this hard in a LONG time: Kristen & Dax on Ellen Is T. Swift hinting at her new album?? P!nk IS the Greatest Show(wo)man Tristan Thompson is truly an idiot