KID ROCK and PAMELA ANDERSON . . . hard to believe that marriage didn’t last, huh?  I’m kidding, obviously.  But you might be surprised at the actual reason they broke up:  The “Borat” movie.

Borat is obsessed with Pam throughout the movie and there’s a scene toward the end where he tries to KIDNAP her at an autograph signing.  As you probably know by now, she was actually in on the joke.

In a new interview,SACHA BARON COHEN says he texted Pamela after she showed Kid Rock the movie.  He asked her how it went, and she said they were getting divorced.

He asked her why, and she wrote back, “The movie.”  He adds, quote, “I thought it was a joke but then a few weeks later they got divorced and they put as a reason for divorce, ‘Borat’.  So it had some casualties.”

At the time . . . and this was back in November of 2006 . . . there WERE reports that Kid Rock blew up at Pam after seeing the movie, and it did indeed cause their split.  So yeah, sometimes the tabloids get it right.

You can listen to the interview clip here: