The Future Builders Program

Samantha Kennelly, Ashley Clegg, and Derek Branch from the Future Builders Program stopped by this morning to talk about their business they are starting, called Lincoln Builders where they sell t-shirts! Each t-shirt design signifies the positive local impact the students aspire to have in Nebraska. Below are each of the t-shirt designs and the story each one tells. You can buy their t-shirts online at their website


“Power The Future”Every child, student, and young professional is a vital part of the future. The theme of this shirt is future, with the intention to inspire people to believe in their ability to make the future better. On the back of our shirt is the phrase, “power the future.” The light bulb on the front is a symbol of power and innovation, and is reminiscent of the giant light bulb sculptures around Lincoln — these sculptures represent the Lincoln Lighthouse organization, whose after-school program provides academic support to students. All of us have been told at one time or another that we can’t do something because of our age. This shirt is a reminder to prove those people wrong, and inspire people to build a future of innovation, ideas, and culture. Lincoln is a great place to build something.

Find Your Happy Place”- Whether you’re stressed about finals, losing a loved one, applying for college, or your demanding job, we all need a reminder to pull back from the stressors of life and focus on what really matters. This shirt is a subtle reminder that everyone has a reason to keep climbing. The Happy Place shirt is a special blend of top-notch design, a positive message, and an affordable price. Lincoln may not have the breathtaking views of the sun-soaked beach depicted in our design, but the resilience of the community makes living here more than worth it. This shirt encourages people to get lost in their own personal “beaches” and enjoy the simple things in life.

“Bee Happy”- This bee shirt is environmentally-themed, reminding people to make better choices about how they interact with the environment in order to create a safer environment for the organisms we share the Earth with. Bees are especially important as they pollinate plants that are the foundation of many food and products that humans rely on. The shirt is made from 100% USA-grown organic cotton. The shirts are printed with water-based ink, which is more environmentally friendly as less harsh chemicals are used. Ryan Jensen, one of our own Lincoln Builders, owns and runs his own bee business, which inspired this shirt.

“Equality”-As young adults, we have all been raised with the belief that everyone around us should be treated equally and treated with respect. In our own Lincoln community, we have all had our own experiences with equality and the issues that can sometimes come along with that. Although these topics can sometimes come off as controversial, we all truly believe that conversations on equality are something that needs to happen. The purpose of this shirt is to serve as a reminder to treat people equally and be “Nebraska nice.”



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